People who have several loans to repay often look for a way to pay them quickly. Sometimes it’s not easy. Fortunately, we can try to combine several obligations into one and thus pay lower installments at more convenient dates. This option is possible if we use the consolidation of payday loans.

Simple credit consolidation loan program

Applying for a consolidation loan is no different from applying for a payday loan or installment loan. If we want to consolidate debt, we must:

  1. Decide what amount we need and in what period we intend to pay it back.
  2. Complete the online form by entering basic information.
  3. Verify your identity.
  4. Wait for money and pay the payday loans!

Submission of the application for a credit consolidation loan program at is 100% online and does not take more than a few minutes.

Payday consolidation – where?

In the beginning, we will explain what the consolidation of payday loans is exactly. Consolidation replaces several credit products with one with a lower installment. This results in the repayment of a single liability in exchange for making many smaller payments. This is a solution that is worth using when the number of loans paid online begins to overwhelm us, and we are thinking about how to get out of the debt spiral.

In our installment loan ranking, which we constantly update, we found loans that can be used to consolidate debts. We will compare offers to help you choose the best consolidation loan!

Typical consolidation loans can be found in the Harrison offers. The lender sends money directly to companies where we have debts. What’s more, each of the lenders gives the opportunity to receive additional funds directly to our bank account. We can use them for any purpose!

Other offers require that you take responsibility for your finances and settle all arrears yourself. To make repayment easier, it is best to use long-term loans with the longest repayment periods, such as Shirley Now, Kirksey in installments. Let us also pay attention to the cost of installment loans, and above all the APRC. Remember to compare offers with the same repayment period! Otherwise, the APRC will not be a reliable indicator.

Who can benefit from a consolidation loan?

The consolidation offer is addressed to people who have several payday loans in various loan companies, and the sum of monthly repayments exceeds their financial capabilities. They are fed up with paying back the deadlines and are looking for a way to combine all liabilities and pay one, preferably a lower installment. Who can benefit from a consolidation loan?

Debt consolidation is available to people who:

  • are over 18 years old,
  • are Polish citizens,
  • have a regular income,
  • have a positive credit history in BIK,
  • they have several loans that are problematic for them.

Consolidation of payday loans without bases is not available. Loan companies are required to verify creditworthiness. However, being in the registers doesn’t mean you won’t get a loan. Each application is subject to individual analysis. Therefore, do not give up the application for additional funds!

Advantages of consolidating payday loans for those in debt

Why use consolidation of payday loans? It’s a simple way to:

  • reducing the number of creditors,
  • facilitating the repayment of several financial liabilities taken at the same time,
  • extension of the repayment period,
  • a reasonable amount of monthly payments, tailored to individual financial options,
  • transparent expenses and easier budget control,
  • receipt of additional funds if in the meantime other urgent expenses have arisen.

Refinancing loans as an alternative to consolidating payday loans

A consolidation loan is not the only way to pay off overdue liabilities. The non-bank market offers definitely a greater number of solutions that may prove helpful in excessive debt. What types of loans can the customer reach for?

An excellent solution is refinancing a loan, which is nothing more than taking out a new loan to pay off your previous commitment. A refinancing loan guarantees us, among others Extraport wallet. Refinancing involves additional fees. However, it is better to pay for the possibility of extending the repayment period than to meet with a bailiff. For Extraportfel, we’ll check the full refinancing cost in the Customer Panel.

Consolidation of payday loans in the bank – is it possible?

A bank consolidation loan only applies to credit obligations, such as cash loans, mortgages, credit cards, car loans, and even limits in ROR. Like a consolidation loan, it allows you to save on monthly installments and make one repayment in exchange for several payments. It requires providing a list of documents identifying loans and credits as well as a certificate of earnings confirming the monthly inflows to the account.

When choosing a convenient consolidation loan, pay attention to the interest rate, APRC, commission, and loan period, which affect the number of installments. It is worth checking the available offers and decide to consolidate liabilities without collateral and guarantors!