Where is the Edorado 7S electric boat? It was meant to be the ultimate speedboat


With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at an electric speedboat design from a country where boating and yachting is kind of a way of life, the Netherlands.

My friends, Springtime is an Amsterdam-based design consultancy firm, and we all know how old laughter gives its participants creativity. That aside, this crew designed the Edorado 7S, an electric outboard concept for Edorado Marine, a growing naval team also based in the Netherlands.

But like most other yacht or boat designs, these two teams weren’t just involved in the project. Another crew who helped bring this wonder to life was Naval Architect Peter Bosgraaf, bringing over 30 years of naval design experience to this project.

With all that hard work put into the design, right now the 7S is just a concept and can stay that way until someone comes along and decides it’s the next body style for it. his personal boat. Perhaps an existing shipbuilder chooses to purchase the design.

That said, the only details we have about the 7S are the gallery images and a few descriptive lines that tell us a bit about the functionality of the vessel and how it differs from other vessels on the market.

What makes the 7S so unique isn’t its electric drivetrain, but rather what it does with it. Because the boat uses a hydrofoil design, tuned by the two foils under the hull, it is expected to have minimal contact or friction with the water surface. Less friction means more speed. The speed is not known. Let everything be revealed in time.

Hydrofoil design also brings a few other boating benefits, one of which is nothing more than increased fuel efficiency. Again, this is based on the principle that there is less drag exerted on the craft. Even though this vessel is powered by fossil fuels, it should still be highly efficient.

Another advantage of hydrofoils is comfort. Since minimal drag is exerted on the boat and the hydrofoils are shaped to provide greater stability, riding a 7S should feel like moving a knife through the water. Talk about sweetness.

I’m not sure how the turns will be done at high speed, but since there appear to be two propellers at the rear, if one of them were to just turn off, that should theoretically help rotate the craft from that. side. In practice, you need very large propeller blades to have a considerable effect or to integrate a kind of rudder in the foils.

Finally, Springtime mentions that the interior of the machine has been designed to offer future owners a chance to have a “real GT feel”. With that in mind, the 7S’s cockpit and seats resemble some supercars, although they can give five guests the electric ride of their lives. Up front, a windshield provides easy visibility, while the absence of side components gives riders a view of the world passing by with only the sound of waves and air passing past their ears.

A relatively simple console with a steering wheel, throttle and touchscreen sits up front, and along the sides, an audio system will blast your favorite jam. Customizable lighting is also part of the design, not to mention storage. The stern of the ship shows viewers the engine and battery bay through a glass surface integrated into the hull. Very supercar.

While we may never see this ship in local waters, the ideas it displays are ones we might very well be heading towards. Heck, the things people do with electricity these days are just plain crazy.


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