Local football teams compete against each other during the Preseason Jamboree



By Alec Dietz / [email protected]

Eight women’s soccer teams from Southwest Washington lined the field under the lights of Centralia Tigers Stadium in opening soccer jamboree action Thursday night, playing two games of 20 minutes each on a beautiful night.

Playing for the first time in the fall since 2019, Adna, Centralia, Tenino, Napavine, Toutle Lake, Toledo, WF West and Onalaska all got their feet wet before the start of the real season next week. Here is how they fared:


The Tigers, working with lots of new plays, lost both games on Thursday, losing to Adna 1-0 and losing the last game of the night to Onalaska 2-0. Centralia struggled to keep possession, but was able to limit a lot of damage from the attack on Adna and Onalaska and worked in many new faces in her lineup.

“We do this every year, and this year it was more important than ever to get it because it was almost a reset, a return to normal,” said head coach Henry Gallanger. “You can take some things with you, until you try new players. We are no different from any other school, we are trying to get eligible players and get their training, every school faces this. But it gives us the opportunity to see players we’ve never seen before, like freshmen and players who might have decided to play this year… it’s great to connect with all the coaches and the players go out and have fun.


The senior heavy Pirates played their part on Thursday night, winning their first game 1-0 against Centralia and equaling 1A mainstay Tenino in a scoreless draw. Adna broke through in the fifth minute against the Tigers, but it was the Pirates’ defense that won. Adna didn’t allow a goal in both matches, and although they received 10 shots from Tenino, they kept them off the scoreboard.

“Adversity is going to happen, if it’s going to happen now, it’s better to happen now,” said head coach Horst Malunat. “Sport is so much more mental than anyone knows. This is the main thing, keeping us together. It was good, it showed a few things. There are some things we need to work on with form and positioning, and last year we didn’t understand that… It’s good, we haven’t lost, we will improve and we will continue to improve ourselves.


After a goalless draw against the Pirates, Tenino battled Napavine 2-0, with senior midfielder and captain Megan Letts breaking through in the seventh minute to score an assist from Morgan Miner. After struggling to score goals in their opener against Adna, the Beavers scored a second goal in the 19th minute when Natalie Lucero found Emma Barr for a goal to close their trip to Centralia.

“I think we’ve done some good things,” Tenino coach Kevin Schultz said. “We obviously had more scoring chances in both games against our opponent, which is what we are looking for. We use that to improve our physical condition, we are where we want to go in the season. I thought we definitely showed it. The first game we felt a bit unlucky that we didn’t score, we beat them 10-0. The second game we were then able to mix up some players and see them with our college starters, which is also good to see where we are with our squad.


The Tigers hit back after losing their first game to Tenino to beat Toutle Lake, 1-0. Because Toutle could only field an eight-man squad, Napavine gave up to play eight-on-eight and scored her only goal of the day in the 13th minute, when spring-season player Natalya Marcial broke free. and entered one. back of the net.


The Riverhawks yes, the Riverhawks pelted Toutle Lake in their opener, scoring five goals to zero for Toutle, before losing their next game to WF West 1-0. Against Toutle, Briza Gallegos recorded a brace, scoring Toledo’s first two goals before Marina Smith, Rose Dillon and Vanessa Rodriguez scored the next three.

“The # 1 thing, we played against Toutle Lake which is in our division, it gives us a bit of a sense of where we are in our league,” said head coach Noel Vazquez. “I only have 12 girls this season so it’s going to be tight trying to keep everyone healthy but we came and played the second game against WF West, obviously we lost 1-0 but the only thing I would take is that the girls fought… We learned a lot, we kind of have to see where we are and we’re ready to face the season head-on when it gets here.

WF West

The Bearcats came on early against Toledo and never looked back, with junior forward Cam Sheets scoring in the fifth minute to give them the only edge they needed to secure the victory. In WF West’s second game, they couldn’t find the same success early on and played a scoreless tie against Onalaska.

“It was great to see the girls participating in a game scenario for the first time this year against an opponent and working on our form and chemistry,” said head coach Allen Anderson. “I’m really happy with how the girls looked for their first performance on the pitch. There’s still a lot of room to grow… We have a lot of new faces on the pitch so establishing that chemistry on the pitch is going to be important, but I liked what I saw tonight.


After struggling to maintain possession in a scoreless draw with WF West, the Loggers found two goals from Brooklyn Sandridge, who scored the brace and gave Onalaska a 2-0 victory over Centralia to close the night. Sandridge’s goals came in the fourth and 15th minutes.

“It took us until the second game before we really started to settle in and play,” said Onalaska coach Chris Van Clifford. “We started to look good halfway through and scored a few goals so it was pretty cool. We were looking for tougher opponents at the start of the year so it was great to play against a few 2A teams.



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