Little Rock restaurant plans to show every World Cup to fans


The 2022 World Cup is upon us, and Little Rock Hill Station plans to make every game accessible to customers and football fans.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The 2022 World Cup is finally on and, like countless football fans around the world, Daniel Bryant is eagerly awaiting the start of the matches.

“I try to watch every game if possible. I can’t always do that,” Bryant said.

Over the past few months, he has been working to turn his restaurant, Hill Station, into a headquarters for football fans in the natural state.

“We have a flag of all the nations playing and it looks cool in front, everyone seems to like it,” Bryant said.

Regardless of the time or day of the game, Bryant said his doors will be open.

“If we’re going to embrace it, we’re going to embrace it fully. This includes 4:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., Thanksgiving. On days that we’re normally closed like Mondays, we’re going to be open,” Bryant said.

This cover is loved by local football fans like Max McCluskey who is just excited and ready for this year’s World Cup.

“As someone who’s always been a football fan and just wants to see the game progress in the United States, this is finally happening right before my eyes and I’m so happy,” McCluskey said.

Bryant said to be open to every game some adjustments will have to be made.

“We’re going to run a really abbreviated menu,” Bryant said. “So it’ll probably just be me and maybe one other person, two other people sooner, and then the other staff will start arriving.”

Bryant said at the end that it was about providing an experience for the fans.

“I have a lot of football friends who are football fans from other countries, and they don’t always watch their game in prime time,” Bryant said.

With expanded hours, he hopes everyone will be able to see his team on the big screen.

On Friday, Bryant said they would install a grass football pitch on Kavanaugh for families to enjoy as the United States takes on England.


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