Kessler’s goal puts Lewiston boys’ football past Moscow | Sports


Lewiston boys’ soccer player Teddy Kessler shot what would ultimately be the game winner at the end of Thursday’s game against Moscow at Walker Field.

After fighting on their own turf for about five minutes in the second half, the Bengals led the ball to the Bears’ side with about 10 minutes left, and Peja Steele directed it to the penalty area, where Kessler started. at home to give the Bengals a 3-2 victory.

“At that point I knew that if I missed it would have meant practice laps the next day,” Kessler said. “I had to get there. I owed it to my teammates.

Lewiston coach Jace Kessler, who is unrelated, was delighted that Teddy Kessler had the chance to win a game for the Bengals.

“He’s an extremely talented player and he was finally able to come out and show his thing,” said the coach. “He’s assisted every goal we’ve scored this year so for him to finally score one is huge.”

Teddy Kessler stressed the importance of teamwork in a close game.

“Football has 11 players – there has to be teamwork,” he said. “It’s not an individual game there. You have to move the ball. Football is made for teams to play together.

The game was back-and-forth and featured two changes of head. Moscow took the lead first when Devon Conway scored. It was the only breakaway goal for either team.

After half-time, the Bengals (3-2) hit the gas and scored two goals to come back 2-1. Soon after, however, Conway scored his second goal of the night to tie things up.

“I’m proud of them for pushing through the game and playing as a team,” said Jace Kessler. “They were finally able to put together an entire game.”

Moscow coach Pedram Rezamand declined to comment after the game.

The two goalkeepers put on an impressive performance. Lewiston’s James Acord was a vocal leader for the Bengals and made two saves. For Moscow, Wyatt Burton had six.

Both teams played physically from start to finish, which is what the Bengals are looking for.

“We’ve been training a lot to be more intense both when we’re in possession and when we’re not in possession,” said Jace Kessler. “It’s something I learned that has to happen during a high school soccer game. We make sure that every practice is physical.

Teddy Kessler hopes the win can give the Bengals some momentum, who have won back-to-back wins.

“We were looking for a few wins and we only got two in a row – that’s important to us,” said Teddy Kessler. “It was the first time we’ve beaten Moscow since I’ve been here and I think the confidence will help us in our championship.”

The Bengals will play on Wednesday at Post Falls, the Class 5A enemy of the Inland Empire League.

Lewiston – Peja Steele, penalty

Lewiston – Hadden Maciel.

Lewiston – Teddy Kessler (Steel)

Shots – Lewiston 16, Moscow 12.

Stops – Lewiston: James Acord: 2. Moscow: Wyatt Burton: 6.


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