‘Kebe was a big kid’: former Morton high school football player killed in Indianapolis shooting



Indianapolis – A prominent football player from former Morton High School was gunned down in Indianapolis early Thursday morning.

Police were dispatched to Ladner Road 5800 block at around 1 a.m. to report the shooting, according to the IMPD. When police responded, police said the dispatch received additional calls, including those that may have come from victims who said they were shot.

A victim identified as Kebe Cropton, 20, by the Marion County Coroner’s Office, was taken to hospital where he was sentenced to death.

The University of Indianapolis confirmed that Cropton was a student and released a statement about his death on Thursday.

“We are all deeply saddened by the loss of Kebe Cropton. Kebe was a junior at Indianapolis University and a member of the U Indy football team. Our main concern is the Kebe family. For friends and others who are saddened by his loss. We’re ready to help them with any additional advice and resources they may need and need. We have mobilized our advisory services to make it accessible to everyone in our community, which may be our student division to members of our campus community who feel influenced by this event. Coordinate our consulting resources. We are devastated by the disappearance of Koebe, a close community and member of the UIndy family. This loss is how precious life is and how unexpected tragedy is. Reminds us of the importance of supporting each other throughout our time. “

President Robert L. Manuel, University of Indianapolis

Information on the shooting remains limited as police investigate the circumstances surrounding what happened. According to the IMPD, the detective is examining a car that was in the area at the time and working to determine if the car was involved.

It’s important to continue to recommend to IMPD spokesperson Genae Cook, “Call everyone in the area if you know anything. “

Cook said even the smallest amount of information could be of use to detectives investigating the case. This includes videos from home surveillance cameras and doorbell cameras that may have picked up on people or cars that were in the area at the time.

“We were given a lot of work. What we’re trying to do is put everything together in one photo, so we need the community’s help until that photo is formed. She said. “Sometimes you just need to have people in the area.”

More than 170 murders in 2021 are believed to be inherently criminal, and IMPD believes these violent acts will have a significant impact on friends, family and loved ones who are murdered. Reminds me.

“It’s not another title for influential people. Family members who have to attend a funeral, families who are constantly changing because of a person’s death, or even just a criminal act against a person, ”Cook said. ..

According to McMishler, head football coach at Morton High School, who was Cropton’s high school receiver coach, he was a respected member of the school and the Hammond community.

“Kebe was a good boy. There was no other way to explain it. He was an excellent student and a great athlete academically, but more than that, he has a passion for others. He was a wonderful person who was there, ”Mishler said.

He described Cropton as “everyone’s biggest fan” and always saw others succeed and said he wanted to help them do it as much as possible.

“He was eager to be successful himself and had big goals and dreams of making things better for himself and his family. His work ethic was what he chose. He urged him to be great. There was no doubt that Kebe would be one of the kids who would make him bigger for something, ”Mishler wrote. “He was one of those kids. Their presence made you smile because it made your day better when you saw them everyday.

“He was an example respected by other children in our community. “

According to Mishler, Cropton graduated from Morton High School in 2019.

Community organization 4 Quarters 4 Life declared Kebe a “great young man” and won the Terra Weems Character Award 2018.

“Kebe was the leader of the Hammond community and was wise throughout his years. He seems to understand that the character is important, anyway, he is a member of our organization and that we are spreading the message, ”shared the organization.

A spokesperson for the community organization 4 Quarters 4 Life said FOX59 Clopton received a college scholarship at the University of Indianapolis, but because he loved football he would join U Indy, the priority of the team in 2019. Has been selected.

“A lot of people couldn’t believe he chose to go to Indiana for a full scholarship in Indiana, but he’s passionate about football and all that he works hard for. I had the farm. belief that it was possible, “they shared.” I don’t know who did this, but everyone who took the giant out of family, friends and the community who needed to see it succeed. “

A neighbor who did not want to be identified publicly for security reasons did not know Cropton or his family, but said her heart ached for her relatives, friends and classmates. I did.

“To know he was 20, I mean he was younger than my child and his life had just passed away,” she said. “Everything about violence and guns is really sad,” she said. ” I do not know them. I don’t know my family, but I pray for those who did for their conscience.

“It’s inhuman, it’s not like everyone else, they really don’t care about killing humans,” she said. “Even if an accidental shootout or something happens with the person and they try to get help.”

Women want anyone who has done this to report to the police or anyone who has information that could help the families of the young men get answers and get justice.

“We are neither judges nor juries, and neither can we kill or give lives,” she added.

Neighbors who spoke to FOX59 News inside and outside the camera said this type of shooting and violent crime was not a hallmark of the neighborhood, but worried it could be busy. time and bring more activity. Some people do. Neighborhood security is weak.

“It’s a quiet neighborhood. This was the main reason I moved here because it was one of the quieter areas of an apartment building that you will find safe. Play outside, she won’t do it anymore. ..

The shooting is under investigation by the IMPD. Police will ask anyone with information to call or email Detective Brad Nuetzman (317-327-3475) at the IMPD murder office. [email protected]..

If you would like to remain anonymous, please call Central Indiana’s Crime Stopper (317-262-TIPS) or visit our website. here..

‘Kebe was a big kid’: former Morton high school football player killed in Indianapolis shooting

‘Kebe was a big kid’: former Morton high school football player killed in Indianapolis shooting



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