In mourning for a player, Ferrum’s men’s football team returns to action | Local News


Lipinski, a graduate of King George High School in the Fredericksburg area, was in his fourth season on the Ferrum men’s soccer team. He was also a member of the Ferrum men’s lacrosse team, which plays in the spring.

“They are hurting too,” Sutyak said of the lacrosse players. “They are all in pain.

“So many students from other teams have been affected by this as well.”

The football game on September 18 was the start of Lipinski’s season and only the fifth game he has played in his football career at Ferrum.

“A lot of players are kicked out of playing time. He was kicked out of improving and seeing his teammates improve,” said Cureton. “He kind of took the players under his wing.”

With the September 18 game tied 2-2 in the second half, Lipinski clocked in for the final 30 minutes and 33 seconds. He recorded a save in overtime, helping Ferrum (1-6) win his first game of the season. He was the goalkeeper credited with the win in stats.

“I had a conversation with him that night after the game and told him how awesome he was,” said Cureton, who is in his freshman year in college. “I shared a few special moments with him that night, actually – a few bumps in his chest. I told him we need him to be big, we need a leader. wink and say, “I got you, Coach. “”


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