FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Top 10 Average Icons, Ranked


Icon cards are one of the FIFA Ultimate Team’s most popular features, and they’re coming back for the fifth year in a row FIFA 22. There are four different versions of Icon cards: Base, Mid, Prime, and Prime Moments, all of which are great FUT cards.

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The Mid Icons are the second highest rated version of the FUT Icon cards. There are many gorgeous Mid Icons for managers to choose from in FIFA 22 Ultimate team; The best icon cards are those with high stats in areas that match the game’s meta.

ten Paolo Maldini (92-Rated)

Icon and note of Paolo Maldini in FIFA 22

Maldini is widely regarded as the best defender of all time, and his Icon cards on FIFA 22 certainly do justice to its reputation. Its Mid Icon is particularly impressive and is one of the best CB cards in the entire game.

Maldini’s Mid Icon card has some very impressive stats for a CB, including 95 on defense, 82 pace, 81 physical, 74 assists and a 4 star weak foot. These stats are the reason Maldini has one of the best Mid Icon cards in FIFA 22.

9 Diego Maradona (ranked 95)

Icon and rating for Maradona in FIFA 22

Maradona is widely regarded as the best soccer player of all time, leading his country to a legendary FIFA World Cup victory in 1986 and achieving great success with Napoli. Maradona’s legacy has certainly been recognized by EA Sports, which has given him some of the best Icon cards in FUT.

Mid Icon by Maradona is one of the best FIFA 22, with 95 dribbles, 91 shots, 90 assists, 88 pace, 75 physical and 5-star skills. With these stats, Maradona is without a doubt one of the best players in the game, and rightly so.

8 Ronaldinho (ranked 91)

Icon and rating for Ronaldinho in FIFA 22

The best way to describe Ronaldinho as a football player is magic, as no other superlative can quite capture how brilliant he was. Ronaldinho did things with a football that defied logic and was one of the best players in the world for many years. In recognition of his talent, EA Sports gave him a set of FUT Icon cards which are some of the best in the game.

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Ronaldinho’s Mid Icon is exceptional and one of the best FIFA 22. The card has all the attributes a manager could want in a CAM, including 92 dribbles, 91 rhythms, 88 passes, 86 shots, 79 physics, 5 star skills, and a 4 star weak foot.

7 Zinedine Zidane (94-Rated)

Icon and rating for Zineidne Zidane in FIFA 22

Zidane has enjoyed a wonderfully successful football career, winning the FIFA World Cup, the Ballon d’Or and many major trophies at the club level. Zidane was an iconic player in his time, and after retiring from football he joined the exclusive roster of football players who appeared in films.

that of Zidane FIFA 22 The Ultimate Team Mid Icon map is just as impressive as it was in the field. He’s very complete, with 93 assists, 92 dribbles, 90 shots, 83 physics, 82 pace, 72 defense, 5-star skills, and a 5-star weak foot, making him one of the best mid-range icons in the game.

6 Eusébio (91-Rated)

Icon and rating for Eusébio in FIFA 22

Eusébio’s football career has been one of the most memorable of all players. He was ahead of his time as a football player, ushering in a new attacking style of play that encouraged pace and technical ability. Eusébio’s talent earned him a Ballon d’Or in 1965 and also a very impressive set of Icon cards in FUT.

Eusébio’s Mid Icon card is huge, and any manager who will have the chance to see him out of a preview pack will be absolutely delighted. The card has an incredible 93 pace, 93 shots, 90 dribbles, 88 assists, 74 physics, 4 star skills and a 5 star weak foot, making it one of the best in the game. FIFA 22.

5 Patrick Vieira (88-Rated)

Icon and rating for Patrick Vieira in FIFA 22

Viera steered Arsenal to their historic ‘invincible’ Premier League title in the 03/04 season and was instrumental in that triumph. He was one of the best players in the Premier League for many years, and his FUT Icon cards testify to that.

Viera’s Mid Icon card is infamous in the FIFA community because its in-game performance is immense and well beyond what one would expect from an 88-rated card. Its stats are still excellent, however, with 89 physical, 86 defense, 85 speed, 84 in dribbling, 80 in passing and 75 in shooting.

4 Johan Cruyff (ranked 91)

Icon and note of Joahn Cruyff in FIFA 22

Not only did Cruyff win three Ballon d’Or awards, but he also revolutionized football with his unique approach to the game. As a player he invented new skills and techniques, and as a manager he developed a brand new football philosophy.

Cruyff Icon Cards on FIFA are just as bright as him, and his Mid Icon is one of the best. With 93 dribbles, 91 rhythms, 89 shots, 88 assists, 72 physics, 5-star skills and a 5-star weak foot, Cruyff has all the attributes a manager could want in a striker.

3 Pelé (ranked 95)

Icon and rating for Pelé in FIFA 22

Pele is widely regarded as the greatest soccer player of all time, and he truly is a legend. He’s the only man to have won three FIFA World Cup trophies, and he’s been instrumental in all of them. Pelé’s talents were unmatched in his time, with no one able to handle the soccer ball as naturally as possible.

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Pelé’s Mid Icon card is easily in the top three in the game, with all the attributes a manager could want in a striker. The card has an impressive 96 pace, 95 dribbles, 93 shots, 90 assists, 75 physicals, 5 star skills and a 4 star weak foot.

2 Ruud Gullit (ranked 90)

Icon and rating for Rudd Gullit in FIFA 22

Gullit had a very successful career and was integral to AC Milan’s dominance of European football in the late 1980s. Gullit was a very versatile player and held several positions throughout his career; this is reflected in his FUT Mid Icon map.

Much like Patrick Viera, Gullit is infamous in the FIFA community for being such a formidable midfielder in the game, which is why it costs so many coins every year. Gullit’s Mid Icon Card is one of the best FIFA 22, with 88 paces, 88 shots, 88 assists, 87 dribbles, 87 physics, 80 in defense, 4 star skills and 5 star weak foot.

1 Ronaldo (ranked 94)

Icon and rating for Ronaldo in FIFA 22

Ronaldo is without a doubt one of the greatest soccer players of all time, and he certainly has the trophy cabinet to show for it. He is the winner of several Ballon d’Ors, FIFA World Cup trophies and major club titles.

All of his FUT Icon cards are highly coveted by FUT managers around the world, and his Mid Icon is no exception. Ronaldo has the best Mid Icon card in FIFA 22 because he has incredible stats that align perfectly with the meta of the game. Ronaldo’s card has a huge pace of 93, 93 shots, 93 dribbles, 80 assists, 80 physics, 5 star skills and a 5 star weak foot. .

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