Dad tackles referee during soccer game after controversial appeal – CBS Sacramento


ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A parent attacked a referee by hitting him to the ground during an Under-16 Boys’ football game in Roseville.

The video shows the violent act of the father of football crossing the pitch and catching a referee off guard. The father then stands over the referee, yelling at him.

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Andrew Reali is the referee who got his dad’s hair done, who was more than twice his size.

“It was as if I had been hit by a train,” Reali said. “I felt like I was hit by a train. It was by far the hardest blow I have ever received in my life.

“It was pretty crazy,” Reali said. “It happened so quickly, I was definitely shaken up for 10, 15 minutes, after that my nerves calmed down.”

The attack was the result of an off-camera call against the father’s son. Reali says the son contested the call by following him off the field and ran into him. He says he made the teenager pull him back.

“And that’s when the parent on the other side of the pitch came over and assaulted me,” Reali said.

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“I think what we see in this video is incredibly shocking,” Roseville Police Department spokesman Rob Baquera said. “This action by a parent on the fringes is clearly not something that is appropriate.”

Roseville police were called to the field with a report of assault and battery. They forwarded their findings to the Placer County District Attorney’s Office.

Reali wants the parent to be charged.

“I want criminal charges,” Reali said. “I want this guy to pay for what he did.”

The under-16 game was part of the NorCal Premier Soccer organization, which suspended the coach of the team the parent’s child is playing in for failing to control his team’s spectators. A discipline committee recommends that the team be excluded from all competitions until June of next year.

Reali says the attack will not prevent him from regaining the pitch.

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“It’s not going to stop me,” Reali said. “I want the young umpires to see that and say, you know what, if this happens to you, don’t let it affect your life. You can’t let that stuff affect you.


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