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A FORMER international football player has been arrested in connection with a gang attempting to export cocaine from Costa Rica to Donegal.

Costa Rican police arrested Andy Furtado Dixon, 40, and five others on Monday.

The gang was believed to be attempting to export the shipments to Donegal disguised as banana pulp.

Dixon, who has been selected nine times by Costa Rica, has worked at the Limon port terminal for six years. He was among a group of six people arrested on Monday as they attempted to export cocaine hydrochloride destined for Donegal.

Dixon and Rojas Villalobos, Camacho Jara, Montoya Ortiz, Cubero Rodríguez and Mora Monge will appear before the Limón Criminal Court.

Limón’s deputy prosecutor’s office believes the substances were introduced into containers processed through the APM terminals.

The authorities say they have “taken advantage of the fact that some of the suspects work in the port terminal and could thus escape controls”.

The drug control police (PCD) on Tuesday carried out 15 raids to dismantle the two criminal groups linked to a total shipment of nearly five tons of cocaine to Europe.

The drugs were valued at nearly € 10,000.

According to the Caribbean prosecutor’s office, they would have participated in an operation between Thursday 18 and Sunday 21 March where they would have managed to put 3,466 kilos of cocaine in the port terminal in a container that transported banana pulp to Donegal .

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