City of Birganj sees spike in mysterious burglaries


Residents of Birganj Municipality and the surrounding area are spending days in anxiety as burglaries and thefts have increased alarmingly in the region over the past four months.

Before breaking into a house and stealing valuables, burglars, in most cases, made everyone in the house unconscious by spraying some kind of anesthetic agent inside the house, the victims speculated.

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Thefts of motorcycles as well as rickshaws and automatic rickshaws, which run on batteries, have also increased significantly in the region. On many occasions, only batteries have been stolen from vehicles, many victims said.

Mayor Mosharraf Hossain of Birganj Municipality said his motorbike was stolen from his own home while a motorbike belonging to a police sub-inspector was also recently stolen in the area.

While Birganj police confirmed both incidents, Mayor Mosharraf and many locals this correspondent spoke to said lax security measures by police and other law enforcement agencies were in the background. origin of the situation.

A gang of thieves took valuables worth 5.5 lakh Tk to a house in his neighborhood as all members of the household went out to be vaccinated, he said, adding that he had received complaints that the police did not accept General Journals (GDs) or the cases of numerous victims.

On October 10, this correspondent visited three of these houses which have been broken into in the past month.

Ramprasad Saha, a fruit wholesaler, said he and his family went to bed early in the evening of October 4, after they all started to feel unusually drowsy.

They were all in a deep sleep until 5 a.m. the next morning. But after waking up, they realized that thieves had entered their house breaking the main door and looted 7 lakh Tk in cash and gold jewelry weighing a few bhoris.

An official complaint was lodged with the Birganj police station the same day, but “nothing has been recovered yet,” Ramprasad said.

Another victim, Mohammad Nurul Islam, who is a government prosecutor (GP) at the Dinajpur district and courtroom court, said on the night of July 19 that all of his family fell unconscious after thieves contaminated his house in the town of Birganj. , with anesthetic gas.

“All day long we have felt something in the house,” said Waris Ul Islam, her son.

The thieves entered the house through a window and stole valuables, including a laptop and a smart TV, totaling 3.5 lakh Tk, the GP said, adding that none of the items had not been recovered after filing a complaint with the police station.

Meanwhile, Birganj Upazila Rickshaw O Van Chalok Union filed a written complaint with Birganj Police Station after at least 20 rickshaws and battery-powered vans were stolen from Birganj upazila within a month only, said Khairul Islam, chairman of the organization.

But police were refusing attempts by victims to file GDs or files with the police station, he also alleged.

Battery-powered rickshaw driver Abdur Rahman said he had to lend money to buy a new set of batteries for his vehicle after thieves stole his Tk 52,000 worth of batteries. . “I have filed a complaint, but no results yet.”

When asked for data on break-ins and thefts in the city over the past four months, Birganj Circle Police Additional Superintendent Abdul Wares said he would need some time to collect the information for the given period.

So far, they have recovered a stolen motorcycle and several batteries, he said, adding that they are investigating all recent burglaries and thefts in the area.


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