Brawn hails F1’s entry into ‘new world’


Ross Brawn believes Formula 1 is evolving for the better thanks to a “new world” that she enters with her ideas.

Since taking over from Bernie Ecclestone, Liberty Media has been keen to make changes to the sport to increase its audience and reach.

They have tried to do this in a variety of ways, for example by becoming more active on social media, allowing Netflix to create the hugely popular ‘Drive to Survive’ series, introducing sprint qualifiers this year as well as new races.

Brawn is encouraged by the willingness of all of F1 to embrace such things and believes the sport is improving as a result.

“What I like is the fact that F1 seems to be changing,” said the general manager of sport.

“It’s more open-minded, and people in sport look more at the general good of the sport, not just in their own personal positions.

“I don’t know if this format [sprint qualy] particularly helps or does not help any team or driver, so it probably helps. I think when you present an initiative, some teams can see if it’s in their best interest or not, and it becomes difficult. But I think it’s really encouraging.

“And what I see is this kind of new world of F1 that has effects in all kinds of ways. Social media has exploded in F1, it was very small five years ago, and Zandvoort, Would that have happened five years ago? We had this opportunity to develop the track and we had the promoter who was on board to do all of that.

“It’s a real frustration that Vietnam didn’t take place as this would have been our first type of track designed by Liberty and it would have demonstrated the direction in which we want to go. But Saudi Arabia is going to be spectacular. So you see this new world of cooperation.

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All the teams have been ready to attempt sprint qualifying this season with little resistance, and that’s more than can be said for past proposals.

Brown believes that getting their support is made easier these days by the fact that the data can be presented.

“I think what the teams wanted to see was based on evidence, analysis and simulations because this is the world they are used to,” he said.

“When you were sitting in a room, before that time, everyone had an opinion and no one had anything to justify it.

“After this sprinting experience, we can sit down with facts, figures and figures. And of course, there will be subjective views on how we should move forward, but at least we’ll have a lot of objective information to judge.

“I think that’s what excites me in F1, and we’ll have the new car next year which is based on an objective analysis of what we need to do. All of this is therefore rather encouraging and I am optimistic for the future.

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