Athletes from the Vallée des Chartiers, including 5 basketball players, sign with the colleges




Saturday 20 November 2021 | 11:01 am

November 10 was a busy day for eight athletes from the Vallée des Chartiers, as the seniors put pen to paper and officially signed on on the first of two national letter of intent days.

None of these current Colts wanted to wait until February 2 for the second day of the NLI as they envisioned life after graduating from Chartiers Valley this spring.

The eight were:

• Aislin Malcolm, basketball, Pitt

• Perri Page, basketball, Colombia

• Marian Turnbull, basketball, North East

• Hélène Cowan, basketball, Seton Hill

• Hallie Cowan, basketball, Seton Hill

• Kaden Crump, cross-country skiing, Seton Hill

• Josie Jones, lacrosse, Seton Hill

• Mackenzie Minney, soccer, Indiana Wesleyan

“We are very excited for all of our student-athletes who will continue to practice athletics at the college level,” said Chartiers Valley athletic director Mike Gavlik. “Having five signed basketball players in Division I and Division II schools in a senior year is very rare. ”

Chartiers Valley women’s basketball coach Tim McConnell also shared his pride in each of the five.

“I’m so proud to say that I’m the coach of these special girls,” he said.

McConnell shared his thoughts on each of the Fab Five:

• Malcolm: “One of the best shooters I have ever trained. Captain for three years, she has the chance to be the top scorer in the history of Chartiers Valley.

• Page: “One of the most athletic players I have ever coached. She is very competitive and a great leader, too. She can play any position I ask her to play.

• Turnbull: “It has improved compared to last year. Excellent ball handler with excellent field vision.

• The Cowans: “Hélène is an excellent rebounder and defender. She really worked hard to develop her game to the next level. Hallie is a pure shooter who handles the floor well. She also worked hard to develop her game.

Minney was an all-section first team soccer player this fall and was the team captain.

“IWU is getting a phenomenal player,” said Chartiers Valley soccer coach Jason Edwards. “Minney is a dedicated player who serves her growth and development, but also others. His commitment to his teammates is second to none. She is grade A in every conceivable category.

“If she were named captain before the end of her four years at IWU, I wouldn’t be surprised. Armband or not, his natural leadership qualities will shine through and his captain’s trait will be visible to all. “

Kaden Crump was a PIAA cross country qualifier this fall and will be racing on track this spring.

Josie Jones will be hoping to lead the Colts’ women’s lacrosse team to a playoff appearance again this spring after the team reached the quarterfinals last season.

“Their leadership and work ethic are the foundation on which athletic programs are built,” said Gavlik. “We can’t wait to see them in their college careers. “

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