2022’s Top Online Title Loans


There are several firms to pick from if you’re trying to apply for a title loan online. You must select an online title loan provider that is reliable and trustworthy since not all of them are authentic.( https://thenationroar.com/digital-signage-has-become-essential-communication-tool/ )

Reputable title lending providers consider your best interest aware that you need the money for an urgent matter, such as a pending rent or medical expense. They are also mindful of your urgent demand for funds with affordable interest rates.

The Federal Trade Commission warns that dishonest title loan providers may demand high-interest rates and hidden fees. At all costs, you should stay away from them.

We’ll outline the best online title loan providers in this post for your consideration. For you to be completely prepared before taking out a vehicle title loan, we’ll also address some commonly asked concerns concerning them.

Top Online Title Loan Providers

RixLoans, DimeBucks, GreenDayOnline, and Paydaypot are the four title loan firms that stand out from the competition around the country. Since you can readily start the application procedure for these organizations’ rapid title loans online, many customers have been able to do so.


You may find a variety of alternative title loan lenders via the free website RixLoans. As soon as you join up with RixLoans, you are immediately visible to several lenders, who may offer you various loan options depending on your needs.

The following competitive advantages make RixLoans a fantastic choice:

It is free. With RixLoans, you might establish free connections with dozens of title loan providers. They will handle even the difficult task of finding the appropriate lenders for you.

They have a big lending network. Because there are so many title loan lenders on the site, RixLoans is successful. This is fantastic since it gives you more alternatives even if one lender rejects your application.

Loan offers may be contrasted and compared. You can compare different offers more readily since other lenders will be vying for your loan. If you’re prepared to put in a little more time, you may even be able to negotiate an offer.

RixLoans is not a direct lender. They help you communicate with the lender. Before committing to anything, study the loan contract details. The customer service agents at RixLoans can assist you in determining whether the loan is appropriate for you.

We strongly advise getting in touch with RixLoans right away if you want a title loan. For additional information, see our Ultimate RixLoans Title Loans Review.


Since 2002, DimeBucks has serviced over 250,000 customers and is one of the country’s leading suppliers of title loans. DimeBucks is a direct loan provider, unlike RixLoans, which means they are the ones financing your loan. Among DimeBucks’ greatest advantages are the following:

Obtain money rapidly. You may have to wait a little longer with RixLoans for RixLoans to transmit your information to lenders. With DimeBucks, you can often apply and get a quotation right away. The day after you use it, you could be able to leave with your money!

Guaranteed “Three Day Peace of Mind” All new customers at DimeBucks have the option to withdraw from a title loan agreement within 72 hours of signing it. This is excellent protection if you decide the title loan is no longer necessary.

Financial literacy. Customers of DimeBucks get access to free instructional materials. These explain all you need to know about credit, including how to get your credit score at no cost and how to raise it.

DimeBucks’ online application takes five minutes to complete, making getting started incredibly simple. You may obtain your money the same business day if you can finish the application process, submit all necessary paperwork, and sign the leasing agreement before 2 PM (PST).


In addition to title loans, GreenDayOnline also provides vehicle loans, personal installment loans, and other types of loans. The amount of a title loan varies from state to state, but depending on the worth of your automobile, you might get up to $50,000.

Vehicles of many different sorts are accepted as collateral by GreenDayOnline. The vehicle might be a car, motorbike, or RV. Based on elements including make/model, condition, and miles, GreenDayOnline provides a reasonable assessment of your vehicle. To ensure your automobile is appraised fairly, you may rely on Kelley Blue Book, a reliable source.

In only a few minutes, you may now apply GreenDayOnline. You will soon hear from a loan officer and quickly receive your money.


Paydaypot completes our list of the top 4 title loan firms. They are one of the nation’s most well-known title lending organizations, with over 1,100 physical sites. If you want to complete the transaction in-store, it could only take 30 minutes to get your money.

You may get a loan from Paydaypot without having a bank account, which is one of the advantages. Although it’s awful not to have a bank account, you may collect your money from Paydaypot using their Universe Silver Deposit Account. This account includes a debit card, and their mobile app makes it simple to check your amount.

If your monthly payments are too high on a current title loan, Paydaypot may help you refinance it. You may begin the procedure online or physically at any of their establishments.

How do car title loans work?

A unique kind of loan known as a “car title loan” involves exchanging the title for your automobile for money. Remember that your title, not your car, is the collateral. This is wonderful news since it enables you to keep using your car while paying back your title loan.

Since lenders often don’t examine credit, car title loans might be excellent. Additionally, most applications are processed quickly, and many clients get their funds within one working day.

On the other hand, car title loans are often quick loans with modest loan amounts and hefty interest rates. One report by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) claims that a typical loan amount is $700 with a 300% annual rate. Car title loans should only be utilized in extreme financial situations.

Do Title Loan Businesses Check Your Credit?

No, title loan providers won’t check your credit. This implies that title loans might be a fast and simple option to receive some emergency cash if you’re having credit problems.

Even if a title loan doesn’t consider your credit, it’s preferable to deal with any issues you have with it right away. By permanently improving your credit score, credit repair is a service that may help you get better loan conditions in the future.

How Much Money Can I Obtain Through a Title Loan?

The value of your car determines how much you may borrow in a title loan. Numerous variables, including make/model, mileage, age, and general condition, may affect this. Lenders often provide 25% to 50% of your car’s current value.

Using a tool like the Kelley Blue Book or Black Book can help you get a reliable estimate of your car’s worth. In this manner, you may immediately recognize whether a business is attempting to undervalue your automobile.

As we previously observed, a title loan often has a loan amount of $700. However, there have been instances when individuals could get up to $50,000 in a single title loan. Please be aware that if you are approved for a larger amount, you will also be required to pay much higher interest rates. Not usually. More is better.

Obtaining a Title Loan

Obtaining a title loan is simpler since more and more title loan firms are moving their application procedures online. These five stages are often included in the process:

  • Get your papers ready. Each of the four businesses on our list will need a clean copy of your picture ID as well as the title of your automobile. A recent paystub for use as evidence of income, a utility statement for use as proof of address, and information on your auto insurance are other useful papers.
  • Apply online or in person. All four businesses provide a straightforward online application form. The application requests the most basic details about you and your vehicle. You should finish it in 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Get your loan conditions and read them. A representative will contact you shortly. You’ll typically be approved and given a loan contract. Pay attention to the terms!
  • Either accept or reject the offer. Accepting the offer is possible if the conditions seem reasonable. If not, you may still refuse, but you’ll have to start again from the beginning with a different firm.
  • Obtain your money. You should get your cash within one business day after accepting the offer.

Make it a top priority to repay your loan fully and on schedule as soon as you get your cash.

What Places Offer Title Loans?

Title loans are not presently offered in all 50 states as of this writing. Each state is responsible for developing its vehicle title loan laws.

Consult this Consumer Federation of America guide for a brief review of the states where title loans are permitted. However, regulations governing title loans are often updated. As a result, you may constantly check with a RixLoans representative to discover whether title loans are permitted in your state.

You should be aware that if title loans are illegal in your state, you could have to go across state lines to obtain your loan, as our top four providers are generally online-based businesses.

When should I think about applying for a title loan?

Getting a title loan only makes sense in a genuine financial emergency since they are costly. The most typical justifications for title loans are as follows:

  • Rent
  • energy bill
  • medical expense
  • Cost of auto repairs

Getting one is reasonable if you’re certain you can return the title loan in full in these circumstances. On the other hand, if you want to utilize a title loan for a discretionary cost like a present or trip, we never advise doing so.

Another thing to remember is that most lenders won’t provide you with a title loan unless you have full ownership of your car. If you’re still paying off your automobile, you may not be eligible unless you have a significant amount of equity.

What Is a Reasonable Title Loan APR?

What constitutes an “excellent” APR mostly depends on the state in which you reside. Title loans are governed by various legislation in every state, which impacts the maximum annual percentage rate lenders may charge.

While the CFPB reports that the average APR for title loans is 300% APR, the situation differs in two states, such as Florida and Nevada:

  • According to the Florida Title Loan Act, the first $2,000 of any title loan may only have an APR of 30%.
  • According to Nevada law, monthly loan payments cannot be more than 25% of your total monthly income. Due to this, lenders in Nevada will ask for your income evidence throughout the application process.
  • Make sure you are familiar with your state’s pertinent title loan rules before signing any loan contracts to know the maximum interest rate that may be charged. Avoid doing business with any corporation that disobeys state law.

What Will Take Place If I Don’t Repay My Title Loan?

Neglecting to repay your title loan might have serious repercussions. The business may take back your car since you released the title you used as collateral.

Various states have different repossession regulations. For instance, the TN Title Pledge Act in Tennessee mandates that lenders give customers at least 20 days after the loan contract expires before they are permitted to seize the car. The Alabama Pawnshop Act specifies that this period in Alabama is 30 days.

According to the CFPB, almost one in five title loan lenders experience repossession. The same survey also discovered that four out of every five title loans are not paid off in a single payment. This is why we must reiterate that before taking out a title loan, you must be sure you can completely repay it.

Failure to repay your title loan might seriously lower your credit score, causing you to lose your automobile. This can appear on your credit record as a default, which might be there for seven years.

We advise contacting your creditor instead of attempting to avoid them if you’re having problems paying repayments. Most are prepared to extend your deadline or devise a payment plan for your outstanding obligation.

Is it Worth It to Get a Car Title Loan?

It is worthwhile if you’re seeking a vehicle title loan for proper reasons. Title loans provide immediate financial assistance for those with terrible credit, particularly if you have an urgent payment that has to be paid.

While online title loans are pricey, there aren’t many other lending choices that are as fast and easy. There is no reason not to think about getting a title loan as long as you can repay it in full.

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Online title loans are small-dollar loans that don’t look at your credit history. As a result, they are a fantastic choice for anyone who wants rapid cash to handle an unexpected financial emergency.

In your search, you should consider the four best online title loan providers featured in this article. These businesses have a strong track record of offering the finest title loans at fair interest rates.

You may get a competitive online title loan from RixLoans Title Loans in just a few minutes. You may use their large network of partner lenders to discover the best loan after you join up for their free platform and start using it.


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