2022 OT Men’s Soccer Player of the Year: Hayden Boswell


After a strong fourth season at the college level with Daviess County in which they once again had a long playoff run, Hayden Boswell was named the 2022 Owensboro Times Player of the Year for his efforts.

“I felt like it was a great year for me,” Boswell said. “I think I played to the maximum of my ability… It’s great to be able to be recognized for all the work I’ve done this year. I’m really lucky to be able to receive this award. »

Boswell played a major role in the Panthers’ success in the 2022 campaign, scoring 11 goals, five assists and 27 total points on the season en route to a 19-5-1 finish. Daviess County was also able to win its ninth consecutive district championship and 3rd region championship.

Making a run in the state tournament was a priority for Boswell heading into the season, along with some personal goals like finishing the season injury-free, starting every game, and remaining captain of my team. He managed to achieve those goals in all 25 starts in 25 games played during the season, with his mental approach to being the best teammate he can be as a key part of his success.

“I think my dedication to my team, my overall commitment and my level of effort has made me the player I am today,” Boswell said. “I learned that you don’t have to be the best player on the pitch to stand out.”

Boswell was very successful during his four years with the Panthers and his senior season was definitely a highlight for him. He loved being able to be a leader for his teammates and is grateful for the lessons Daviess County football taught him.

“My senior season was really important to me because I got the chance to be a real leader for my team,” Boswell said. “I was able to bond a lot with the underclass students and make them feel welcome in our team. Daviess County Soccer has truly been a blessing to me. It has given me another family and the teams I played with really had goals to achieve, and there wasn’t a single one in my four years of college that I didn’t enjoy.

As he now prepares to complete the school year and then graduate, Boswell wanted to make sure to thank those who helped him have such a successful high school career in hopes of staying in the sport in her career path after school.

“I would just like to thank all of my teammates over the years and all four coaches for making me the player I am today,” Boswell said. “I don’t have any specific plans yet as to where I will go to college, but I am going to college in hopes of pursuing a career in physical therapy.”


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